oztop-design-services“HOME”!   A home is the place we relax, recharge ourselves, spend time with loved ones while creating meaningful purpose for ourselves and those we live with.

So, a home is more than what we see with the eyes. It is not just the bricks, mortar, walls, and decor, there is something else at play, another dynamic, that’s more than the physical.

The challenge is capturing this dynamic with-in a concept using tangible product with-in a specified space.


Having your Dream Home is a goal that many of us spend a lifetime pursuing, and is a great deal more difficult to realise or to create than originally perceived. In reality, we can only try to get as close to it as possible, because we are trying to reflect the intangible.

Is it the floor coverings?  the decoration?  the colours? the design?  Or is it all of the above plus something special and unique to each client. An intangible ingredient reflecting personal energy rather than general material….


Our diverse experience with design and product knowledge can help you to:

  • Discover your energy’s reflection in tangible product…..and
  • Mirror it in your house making it your “Dream Home”.

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