About Us

oztop about usOzTop was established in 1995. Many of our visitors have since become our long-term loyal customers and friends whom we have the privilege to look after over the years. 

Building and renovation can be a hectic process; this is why we do our best to ensure your experience with OzTop is the most hassle-free part of your journey. In addition to our friendly and professional services, you may be pleasantly surprised by our competitive pricing on tiles, carpets and different kitchen & bathroom accessories.

At OzTop our winning strategy is to focus on getting you the most value-for-money quality products. We also work closely with developers, builders, tradesmen, renovators and individual; offering them relevant consultations on top of a great product range. If you are looking for tiles, our popular selections come from Italy, Spain, Malaysia and other origins. Big brands like Ibero, Caesar and White Horse have long-term strong working relationships with us.

When you purchase supplies from OzTop you are also supporting local Australian businesses. Many of our product selections come from different parts of Australia including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney and other regions. You can be sure that you are in good hands at OzTop because we only work with reputable companies and reliable brands. To name a few we have close working relationships with Beaulieu, Godfrey Hirst, Inovar, Big River, Caroma, Argent and others both local and international.

OzTop can provide you with a range of services such as Colour Matching Consultation, Material Selection ConsultationArchitectural Design Consultation and Interior Decoration. You are welcome to ask us questions regarding a particular living space or an entire house starting from exterior colour matching (roof, walls, door etc) to interior colour coordination.

Most people begin their consultation with us at the colour matching phase. So why is colour matching so important to your project? Researches have shown that colours can influence people both consciously and subconsciously. For many of us who are blessed with the ability to see, we are constantly interpreting the world through our visual modalities. We associate different meaning and emotions to different colours. A well colour coordinated room or house instantly stands out because it creates a “homey” and comfortable feeling when you enter in – you can appreciate it even if you haven’t study it. If your home is a place where you and your family go to retreat and relax from the outside world, matching the right colours is an essential piece of this sanctuary. Matching colours allow you to enjoy your home even more every minute you spend in it. Coordinating the right colours for a room or a house doesn’t have to be costly, the key is to make sure everything is in visual harmony with each other so they work in synergy rather fighting for attention.

Colour Matching Consultation can help you put everything together seamlessly. From our experience working in the industry for over 20 years, it is often not about buying the best and most expensive items but rather how you put together the different elements. Having a well coordinated colour scheme can make a huge difference and transform an ordinary house into a warm and welcoming home. This works in synergy for you with our other services include Material Selection ConsultationArchitectural Design Consultation and Interior Decoration.