Who are our Clients?

  • Home/Project Builders: OzTop has a proud history of supplying quality decorative building materials including tiles and timber flooring to many state wide and local home builders. We recognise that for builders to remain competitive there are often budgetary constraints within the build whatever the scale of the project.At the same time, we know that imaginative, contemporary tiles and quality flooring often contribute to selling the dream to new home buyers throughout Queensland.
  • Individual Owners: OzTop is designed to make the necessity of visualizing and choosing house product, an effortless process…..and all under the one roof.  Whether you are an owner builder,  looking for a builder or already with a chosen builder……we can help make life more simple by navigating the many complex choices with you. Where we can’t help directly, our diverse experience and customer service can steer you in appropriate direction.
  • Designers and architects: OzTop has diverse product knowledge and provision under one roof. Our long experience and extensive knowledge of builder’s standards along with contemporary product trends enable the two to meet with customer satisfaction. We have an extensive showroom which is open throughout the week and is utilized by Designers, Architects and Builders alike.