Roman Blinds

What’s so Roman about Roman Blinds?

No surprises here, Roman Blinds originated from Ancient Rome where like modern days people needed privacy and a way to block out the sunlight and the heat from outside. Without tinted glass windows and housing insulation in Ancient Rome, anything that can keep the heat and dust out would have been greatly appreciated.

Although no one really knows who invented the Roman Blinds, there is no doubt that this practical little innovation has evolved over time and found its way through to the modern day list of window treatments. From simple cloths hanging across windowless stone frames to beautifully decorated blinds made from exotics fabrics that can be controlled by vertically moving parts. Roman Blinds have come a long way since the Ancient Rome days.

Modern-day Roman Blinds can be an ornament giving a home a traditional yet contemporary feel. If you are looking for something special and a bit more funky than the uniform fabric patterns of the roller blinds – Roman Blinds may be a pleasant alternative for you. You can choose the type of fabric based on your needs. Do you want a light filter, a sunscreen or a block-out to keep the light out completely? You can also choose from The Print Collection and The Louvolite Collection fabrics. There is almost always a fabric that will suit your needs.


Classic Roman Blind

If you are looking for a lightweight Roman blind then this blind is for you. It is made by sewing a small pocket into the back of the blind and a slim, round fibreglass rod is inserted into the pocket. It is easy to operate and fits in with your home decor style.

Sewless Roman Blind

The fact that this blind is sewless means that you will get an even better effect from the block-out fabrics because there will be no needle holes in the fabrics. If you get easily waken up by even a tinie-winie bit of light, then the Sewless Roman Blind will be perfect for your bedroom. Now you can have a great sleep and beautiful window treatment – No compromise required!

Plantation Roman Blind

Similar to the Sewless Roman Blind, this blind is a great alternative if you are looking for a blind with a great block-out effect and a nature-like window treatment to match your home. The Plantation Roman Blind has wooden battens attached to the front and back of the blind which fits in beautifully if your home has a lot of wooden frames and/or ornaments.


There are lots of opportunities to customise the Roman Blind to suit your particular requirements and personalised it to match your room or house. Make sure you speak with one of our OzTop consultants for more information on the right style of Roman Blind for you and take your time to choose the right fabrics, colours and other window treatment accessories.