Technical Standards

One of the many great things about the Australian culture, especially in relation to the building/construction industry is the recognition of and commitment to industry standards, qualifications and licenses. All these extra layers of industry requirements help to safeguard both the consumer and the tradesmen when it comes to an agreed and expected result of a building project. And this also applies to the tiling industry, where Australian Standards (AS 3958.1-2007) and Tolerances guide (can be found on Queensland Building & Construction Commission [QBCC] website) are applied to the material selection process, tiling systems, selection of adhesives, preparation of backgrounds before tile-laying and the final installation of tiles.

Oztop-QBCC-logoAnyone can lay tiles on floors & walls, and even do it well without a proper license. However, tiling without a proper license may be illegal in certain circumstances in Queensland. For a specific list of circumstances when you do or don’t need a license to carry out building works, check out the QBCC website for more information. To obtain a license as a qualified tiler in Queensland, a person is required to complete a Certificate III in Wall and Floor Tiling. For practising tilers with 4 or more years experience who want to receive their licenses, certain educational institutes offer a quicker path via Recognition of Prior Learning (RPLs).

oztop-hire-licensed-tilerNeedless to say, hiring a licensed tiler is more expensive BUT it is one way to manage the risks in your project including but not limited to:

  • The quality of the works are completed to a professional standard e.g. the water-proofing process in a bathroom/shower job is carried out properly to specifications;
  • All scopes of works are covered and completed accordingly; and
  • Works are completed in the expected time-frame.

In cases where something does go wrong, licensed tilers can be held responsible, and are likely to be insured to cover any losses or accident related costs.

QBCC has a free online public database for consumers to cross-reference a tradesman’s claim of license registration, click here for more information or perform a search on the QBCC website. You can search a tiler by their license number, personal or company name. The search result will provide you with some basic information about their license such as their license class, grade, condition and status e.g. active or inactive.

OzTop has been operating in Brisbane for over 22 years, and we work closely with licensed tilers and other tradesmen to ensure projects are completed on time and according to Australian standards. If you have more questions about technical standards or licensed tilers, please speak with one of our OzTop consultants when you visit our store in person.

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