Hybrid Flooring


One of the latest innovations in flooring is hybrid flooring. Hybrid flooring has risen greatly in popularity along with open plan living, and is a practical solution for homes where durability and easy maintenance is preferred.

What is hybrid flooring?

Hybrid flooring, as the name suggests, is a flooring product that combines the best features of two traditional flooring options – vinyl and laminate – into one stylish, hard-wearing 100% waterproof flooring product.

Now, you can have the truly authentic appearance of timber flooring without the cleaning and maintenance concerns associated with real timber-based flooring. Bottom line – all you’ll need is a damp mop.

Hybrid flooring is suitable for use in any room in your home including high-traffic areas such as hallways and kitchen areas. In fact, it is so durable and impact resistant; it is also suitable for busy commercial spaces.

Features of hybrid flooring

Hybrid flooring contains a limestone composite core board which makes it 100% waterproof and odour-proof. Additionally, hybrid flooring has noise-free, non-scratch and stain resistant qualities which make it ideal if you have active kids and pets that make a mess!

Hybrid flooring is also resistant to extremes of heat and cold with minimal expansion or contraction. This means that even if your home has underfloor heating or constant temperature changes, your hybrid flooring will not buckle, lift or crack unlike other flooring products.




Easy installation

The installation of hybrid flooring is a similar process to laying laminate flooring. Hybrid flooring boards utilise a click and lock system so that each board slides easily and securely into the next.

If you’re going DIY, first you’ll need to measure your floor space accurately to calculate how many square metres you will require. Next, you choose your desired style and colour while taking into account the durability, cost and warranty of your selection.

Once you have your hybrid flooring panels and some basic flooring tools assembled, you will need to prepare your floor and install an underlay (if necessary). After that, you simply install your panels, add tips and transitions, and seal any wall-to-floor edges. No floor sealants including waxes and polishes are required for hybrid flooring.

Hybrid flooring from Oztop

Here at Oztop, we have a great selection of hybrid flooring products to suit your home and budget. Come on in to check out our extensive range, and have a chat with one of our expert flooring specialists for some great advice to work out what hybrid flooring solution best suits your needs.

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