More than meets the eyes: How colours can affect you?

More than meets the eyes: How colours can affect you?

More than meets the eyes: How colours can affect you?

Seeing is one of the 5 core human senses along with hearing, smelling, touching/feeling and tasting. Our senses help us gather information from our surroundings so we can better understand & interact with the world. The gift of sight is arguably the most important of all senses because it provides us with spatial awareness, colour differentiation and visual identification & interpretation.

Our eyes pick up a combination of nearby & distant direct, indirect and reflection of lights which is then transmitted to our brains as electrical signals that create images in our minds. For most people, from the moment they open their eyes in the morning till they rest at night; their visual senses are stimulated millions of times. Studies have shown that the practice of exposing people to colours in specific ways can achieve therapeutic health benefits. Such practice is known as Colour Therapy or Chromotherapy. On the other hand, colours we choose (or wear) can reflect an individual’s emotional state. The famous Luscher’s Colour Test is a revealing test resulted from researches by scientists who studied the relationship between colours/lights and human emotions.

Oztop-how-colour-deisgnMost of the time we have little or no control over our surroundings that stimulate our visual senses. These stimuli can affect our emotions and moods both consciously and subconsciously. Whilst we cannot change what’s going on in the streets, we can certainly do something about places we visit regularly such as our offices and homes.

Office is where we focus to get things done so having a well illuminated environment with a light vibrant colour scheme can help you stay concentrated for longer and feeling less fatigue. For many people, their home is a place to rest, retreat and recharge before they go out again. What does your home look like? How well-lit are the rooms? What are the colours on the wall? How have you utilised the spaces in the room? Is it creating an atmosphere you desire?

If you wish to learn more about how to improve your home or offices, visit our OzTop store in person and speak with our consultants today.

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