Design and custom services concept communication

Design and custom services concept communication

Design and custom services concept communication

For you  – our valuable clients, whether it is a development project, building a new house, renovating a house, or just simply renovating a bathroom, we work with you by first understanding your needs, e.g. What is important to You?… for Your home?

It can be the look, the style, the material that they like, a function that they need or simply just something they saw in a magazine that they’d like to duplicate. Then with the experience and knowledge in these areas, we will offer options that can help them achieve their desired look.

However, for most people, it is difficult to visualize and there are so many things that need to be considered and decided upon, down to the paint tone and colour choice for the project. All choices are very important relying on each other to achieve the end result.

oztop-design-services“YOU are the colours you choose. – These colours are the reflection of your being “ – quote by: Vicky Wall, creator of Aura-Soma.

While sitting down with our friendly Colour Consultant, she will guide you through the process of choosing colour and product for:

    • External: Roof, gutter & fascia, brick, windows, panelift, alfresco, etc
    • Internal: Kitchen cabinetry, wall paint, bathroom design and all other product selection required.

The result is a professionally designed dwelling that incorporates your personal taste and style to create your Dream Home.

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