Architectural Design Consultation

Architectural Design Consultation is one of the many services offered at OzTop along with Colour Matching Consultation, Material Selection Consultation and Interior Decoration.

Although OzTop is not an architectural design studio, our skill sets and experience allow our clients to receive such advice at a reasonable cost. We mainly provide consultation on design layouts that are practical and what’s trending in the current market. This allows our clients to maximise their budget to create a new home or renovation that adds value for their money and looks great at the same time.


The best part about doing your architectural design consultation with OzTop is that our advice will take into consideration other aspects, such as your project’s colour scheme, building materials and furnishings that you intend to use to fill that space. This integration between different areas provides you with a better perspective on the project.

Our architectural design consultation includes both exterior and interior elements, therefore it makes it easier for you to manage your time and budget in the planning stage before construction. At OzTop, we also help our clients avoid common design mistakes through our integrated approach and our practical building experience.