Interior Decoration

Interior Decoration is one of the many services offer at OzTop along with Material Selection ConsultationArchitectural Design Consultation and Colour Matching Consultation.


What is Interior Decoration?

Interior decoration is the lovely art of tasteful choosing the right furniture and decorative items to enhance the feel of a place whilst balancing a home/space’s design elements and colour coordination. It doesn’t necessarily require professional training like interior design and can be learned by experience and browsing through the latest home decoration magazines or websites. However, it is an art that takes time to build up if you want to do it well.

If a project’s architectural design, colour coordination and material selection are the basis for creating a beautiful and tasty cake, then the interior decoration is no doubt the icing that brings out the cake’s uniqueness. More is not always better and having expensive furniture or feature items doesn’t guarantee taste.

Why is Interior Decoration important?

Oztop-why-interior-decoration-importantInterior decoration when applied appropriately can significantly enhance the visual appeal of a home or a living space: Highlighting its design, spatial contrast and harmonising with its colour scheme. However, if an interior space is decorated poorly, even a beautifully designed home/space can go to waste; or worse yet, it completely destroys the intended atmosphere leaving the visitors a sense of discomfort and tackiness.

Have you ever been to an open home for sale or rent without any interior decoration? It could be one of the most beautiful houses both indoor & outdoor but it just feels dull and like it’s lacking something. It’s often harder to imagine yourself living there or its potential use because it is just walls and spaces. You might find that it doesn’t take you long before you walk out the door look at another place because there’s literally nothing to look at.

On the other hand, if you’ve been to an open home that’s nicely decorated on the inside with colour coordinated furniture and lifestyle items; it instantly turns even a less appealing house into something of greater perceived value. This is the power of interior decoration and a well coordinated colour scheme. Fortunately, both these activities can be scaled accordingly to your budget which means you can easily turn your new home or renovating project into something to be desired without breaking the bank. And at OzTop, we work closely with you to help you achieve success in your next and every building project.