Why is the a custom style or design required?

oztop-csutom-design-reasonWhat’s the benefit our services provide for you – a proper design / style, cost savings, budget control, avoid mistakes, quality installer.

With the gained dollar being the aim of most businesses today, service has taken a backward step.

Oztop prides itself on putting Service as a top priority. When service is given this catogary, human error is dealt with quickly and efficiently to amend any inconvenience to builder or client. Any disparity between project and custom clients is non-existent as all are treated with the same attention to detail. All are valued equally.

With more complicated tile setouts, graphic designs are rendered to make visualisation easier for builder, client and tiler, saving time and confusion, in the installation stages.

Because we offer an all inclusive comprehensive service under one roof, (including installation of many products), wasted time in travel back and forth to different companies/suppliers is eradicated, saving you, the client costs that can be better spent in achieving your dream or your client’s dream.

This all helps toward budget control.

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