What happens if the tiles I receive from OzTop were broken during delivery?

Not a problem, all you need to do is take a photo of the broken tiles intact where you found it in the box. Give OzTop’s office a call to make sure we have your new tiles in stocks. Drop off the broken tiles to our warehouse at Slacks Creek at a time convenient to you and either pick up the new tiles or organise for them to be delivered to you (standard delivery charges apply).

oztop faq  a ceramic tileWhat happens if OzTop delivers the wrong tiles to me?

Depending on how many wrong tiles were incorrectly delivered, here’s what we can resolve this. If the entire pallet was wrongly delivered, the delivery people can take it back to our warehouse and the correct pallet will be delivered to you the next day during the weekdays. If it’s only a handful of items were incorrectly delivered, the quick and easy way is to give us a call to make sure your items are ready for pick up and bring the tiles back to our warehouse in person for an exchange.

What if I want to change the tiles or cancel my order after they are delivered to me?

Please decide what you want and need as carefully as you can before making an order. If you change your mind after an order is placed, there will be a non-negotiable handling / administrative fee to process your cancellation of 20% of your entire order.

What happens if OzTop has not delivered all the tiles as per order?

This virtually never happens at OzTop but if it did happen for whatever reason, the remaining missing items from your order will be delivered to you the following day if it’s during the weekdays. If the next day is the weekend, then delivery will be made first thing on next work day.

What if the tiles were not deliver on time?

Please give OzTop a call and we will happily track it down your order for you and organise the items to be delivered to you as soon as possible.

If I am not home when the delivery arrives, what happens?

If possible please give OzTop a call in advance prior to the delivery is made. We can organise for the delivery to be left at a secured location on site (e.g. behind the construction fences at the property) or rescheduled the delivery to another day. Please note that additional delivery fee will incur for a separate delivery.