Colour Matching Consultation

Brisbane-oztop-colour-design-indoor-designColour Matching Consultation is one of the many services offer at OzTop along with Material Selection Consultation, Architectural Design Consultation and Interior Decoration.

What is Colour Matching?

Colour matching can be one of the most cost-effective ways to elevate the visual component of your project to create a comfortable home or living space. This is applicable to both external and internal elements.
Within the interior setting, you can create a new refreshing feel for a room by simply selecting and matching colours that harmonise with each other. This can include matching colours of the paints use for the walls, doors, ceilings and other visible surfaces. Colour matching also takes into consideration the visual integration between floors and a living space which includes polished concrete, carpets and tiles. You can imagine this as setting the scene for your home or the space you want to renovate. Colour matching in finer details can include interior decoration such as feature wall items, paintings, dining & coffee tables, chairs, sofas and other furniture depending on the location that requires colour matching.
Our clients often consult us for exterior colour matching (roof, walls, door etc) in conjunction with interior colour coordination so everything is visually balanced from the moment you set eyes on the house to physically entering it. This is why OzTop provides colour matching consultation in complementary to material selection and interior decoration because all these design elements work best as a whole.

Why does Colour Matching matter?

Colour matching and coordination is the first step sets the scene in creating a visually comfortable home or living space. Other things such as interior decoration and furnishing enhances the effect of a space, either by bringing out the visual discrepancy or adding to the space’s visual harmony. Colour matching consultation helps you put everything together in perspective seamlessly.
From our experience working in the industry for over 20 years, it is often not about buying the best and most expensive items but rather how you put together the different elements. Having a well-coordinated colour scheme can make a huge difference and transform an ordinary house into a warm and welcoming home.